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Marketing Network is no longer running events and this website will close shortly.

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Join us for our free monthly events and learn from the best in Wales and the West.

This year has been another great year for creative campaigns and we’re taking full advantage of that.

Locally we have a multitude of nationally celebrated, award-winning marketing thinkers and creative directors. The network allows you to hear directly from the people whose marketing strategies have pushed the boundaries and succeeded.

The Marketing Network in Bath, Bristol and we hope soon in Cardiff will encourage you to take new steps to innovate your marketing strategy and collaborate with other creative thinkers.

There are plenty of ways you can become a part of the community.  Join our LinkedIn group, register to receive our newsletter and sign up for tickets to one of our free events. Agencies and suppliers can add their company profile to our Company showcase.  And finally you can become a sponsor.

Here is what one happy sponsor had to say:

“We sponsored MN for 3 years and found it extremely effective at raising Search Star’s awareness and putting us in front of our target market of partner agencies and in-house marketing teams.

The events are of consistently high quality, they are well organised and have good average attendance. If you are standing on the side-lines wondering whether to become a sponsor or host then we’d urge you to get involved and be part of Marketing Network.”

Dan Fallon, Managing Director, Search Star

“MN has introduced me to some very useful contacts in the industry and the chance to show our support and get more involved by providing a speaker for an upcoming event was an opportunity not to be missed.  I’m looking forward to meeting many more members and learning a lot in the process.”

Eleanor Fullalove, Marketing Manager, Digital Visitor




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